Convert Centos 7 VM to Centos 8

Mohammed Choudhury

Considering EoL of centos 7 whjch is going to be happen in June 2024 ,we have question for you.
Can OnAPP provide tool or technique to use so that we can convert centos 7 VMs to Centos 8. It is very difficult to setup new vm with the centos 8and migrate them one by one.
It is very necessary for us to have some tool or technique so that centos 7 can be converted to centos 8 or almalinux 8
Almalinux has already delivered elevation technique so dedicated server using centos 7 can be converted to centos 8. If you go through almalinux.org/elevate/ you will see the steps. We request needful help on this.


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Mohammed Choudhury

I have checked with the almalinux support too. Igor Seletskiy has commented on it as below

What I have is that Virtuozzo team is currently working on making it possible inside VZ containers. Now that VZ owns OnApp as well... I will try to check if they are willing to port it to OnApp VMs also.

Can you please check and confirm if OnAPP is working on it. We need solution by month of August.

Best Regards